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Royal Glue

Royal Glue

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Need a faster adhesive?


Is humidity and cold rooms an issue? This results in lash glue curing extremely slow and "slipping" off the natural lashes or "brushing off". We have the perfect glue for you! This fast glue cures in .05-1sec allowing you to isolate, place and quickly move on to the next lash without wasting time! It's quickness doesn't allow cold rooms or humidity interfere withs it curing time!


Perfect for lash techs who:

  • Are having issues with stickies
  • Need a faster drying glue
  • Are struggling with retention


Royal Summary:

  • Size:  5ML
  • Dry time: .5-1 second 
  • Humidity: 40-70%
  • Temperature: 65-82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Viscosity: Thing
  • Retention: 6-9 weeks
  • Once Opened: Last 4 weeks
  • Closed: Expires in 3 months


  • Under 55% RH, 1 second cure time
  • Over 55% RH, .5 second cure time


The higher the humdity and temperature, the faster the dry time


How to Use:

  • Shake adhesive for 30 sec with an electronic shaker, or 1 minute by hand at the start of your day
  • Shake adhesive for 15 sec before each new drop, or 30 sec by hand
  • New drop every 20 mins 
  • Store within humidity and temperature range in a closed container away from Sun
  • Clean nozzle with lint-free wipes


For Best Retention:

  • Use Humidifier to speed up dry time of adhesive
  • Hold lash extension with tweezer for 1 seconds once applied, this gives enough time to cure properly
  • Use "Scoop up "method to pick up adhesive





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