At Blossoming Lashes, we pride ourselves on customizing the lash set of your dreams, as transforming lives through lash extensions!

Our Brooklyn location offers lash appointments, lash trainings (certificate included) and our product line of lash supplies.

All our lashes are tailored to your specific features and preferences. Come see what the hyped is about!

Salon Availability
  • Royal Bonder

    Liquid Gold!

    This bonder cures the lash glue instantly! No more waiting 24 hours to wet lashes. This improves rentention by hardening the bond within seconds

  • Venus Glue

    With a wide humidity and temperature range, this glue allows you to have perfect retention in any condition! 1-2 second, 8 week hold and medium viscosity

  • Lash Trays

    Lash Trays are available in Faux Mink, Silk & Cashmere! The softest fibres give you the best retention!

    From .03-.15

    CC & D curl

    Matte Black

  • Viral Tweezers

    Our Viral tweezers have created tidal waves in the lash community. Regular tip tweezers and Micro Grip tweezers for the best pickup and fanning. All tweezer are tested for maximized sweet spots.

Blossoming Lashes opened in March 2020

What started as a side business has now turned from a hustle to a career. Betty started off taking lash appoinments in the corner of her bedroom, eventually saving and moving to a private studio. From there, after perfecting her lash techniques, she addes lash trainings and soon after a lash line! We help you level up your lash game through online and in person education to lash supplies.